ADVA offers event photography, including conferences, award ceremonies and corporate functions producing high quality images for websites, press and publications.

ADVA also provides an on site portrait service.

Whatever the ultimate use of your photos, ADVA’s aim is to provide images of the highest quality which have a lasting impact on your audience.


When you invest time and effort in the preparation of conferences, away days and events, only photos of the highest quality give you a lasting record of its success. Adva’s photographs will allow you to continue to benefit from your event long after the day is over. You can trust Adva to capture memorable shots with discretion and professionalism.

Our time frame for delivery can be as short as 2 hours after the event. The photos can be selected, cropped and reduced to the size you need. Depending on your situation we can do this whole process online or in person at your prefered location.


Away days, awards ceremonies, panel discussions, audience events, Q&A sessions. Individual and group shots of guests are captured throughout the event.

On site portraits

People are the front window of your organisation. For your website, publications and marketing material, it is essential that your photos fit with the image you intend to convey. We will discuss the impression that you are trying to create and take the pictures with the least disruption to your day-to-day business.